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How to reduce hair loss

Many people at the time of their application of a nutritional regimen in order to get off their hair loss, Dr. Samar will let you know what are the causes of the problem and their solutions in 10 foods that must be in your system:

Causes: lack of eating (severe diet), lack of protein, lack of vitamins and minerals, eating, lack of sleep, anemia, lack of vitamin D, and others, but these are the most important factors for hair loss and weak hair

Solutions: After we learned about the most important reasons, the solution is that we completely move away from the harsh diet, take enough protein, eat vegetables and fruits, sleep at least 7 hours a day, treat anemia and vitamin D deficiency

What foods must be present daily in my diet in order to prevent hair loss?

1- Protein, which is the main component of hair, such as eggs and poultry

2- Watercress and spinach, they are the source of iron that strengthens the hair follicle

3- Almonds and nuts because they are rich in fatty acids and proteins and are used in the treatment of baldness

4- Citrus fruits such as oranges and green fruits are rich in vitamin C that maintains healthy hair

5- Fish, especially salmon

6- Green vegetables

7- Milk / Greek yogurt

8- Legumes like lentils and beans because they are rich in minerals and protein

9 - Garlic promotes hair growth and strengthens the follicle

10 - Berries prevent hair breakage and boost iron absorption

It is necessary to give up your mind of the quantities of these foods in order to turn against you and to enter into intoxication or allergies to a certain food or diseases that you need.

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