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7 unexpected damages to the keto diet

It reduces quickly and is being applied now, and it is about preventing starches and relying on high levels of fats to lose weight, but! Like what happens quickly, he will have very serious health problems quickly.

Before starting Qtyo Diet, know its harms?

1- Digestive problems:
70% of those on the keto diet experience constipation/diarrhea because it is difficult for the body to digest the rich fiber sources in large quantities.

2- Low blood sugar:
Starches help maintain blood sugar - when we reduce or deprive the body of its primary source of energy, it can lead to coma or episodes of hypoglycemia, especially in diabetics.

3- Loss of muscle!

4- Stress the kidneys and increase the risk of stones!

Eating too much protein makes the urine acidic and raises calcium and uric acid in the blood = kidney stones.

5- Dehydration: a small amount, not a large amount, the water stored in the body with a lack of carbohydrates = dehydration, general weakness, nausea, and constipation.

6- Bad breath.

7- Keto rash
A rash that appears in the chest, back, and neck due to the secretion of ketones in the sweat.
The most important thing that you must know is that the first thing that nullifies the Keto Diet, all that you lose will get it back very, very quickly.

Ask yourself is it possible on the keto diet my whole life?

- Organize your eating properly and deprive the body of any important nutrient and at the same time lettuce and maintain the weight in the therapeutic nutrition clinic with Dr. Samar Sheta.

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