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Thinness, its causes, and 4 guaranteed ways to get rid of it!

Thinness, its causes, and 4 guaranteed ways to get rid of it!
It is true that weight gain is a problem that most people suffer from, but being thin also bother many people and causes many health problems.
Before we start any diet or treatment methods, we must know the cause of thinness and treat it:

The causes of thinness are many, the most important of which are:
1- Heredity.
2- Problems with metabolism.
3- Physical illness is the most common need.

Where do we know physical illness?

1- Medical analyzes, the most important of which are:

Worms - germ of the stomach.
Vitamin D.
A complete blood count.
- Liver, kidney and other functions, but this is the most important analysis. If we have any defect in the analyzes, the first must be fixed.

Because thinness causes many problems other than affecting weight, such as:

1- Weak immune system.
2 Anemia.
3- Fertility problems in women.
4- Hair loss.
5- Delayed growth.

After you do not address the cause of the problem:

The 5 most effective ways to treat thinness and increase from 1 to 2 kilos in a week.

1- Adding calories without eating much like nuts / juices / fenugreek / oats / dried fruits / protein shake
We have to give us snacks throughout the day, which will increase the calories and thus increase the weight.

2 dates:
Adopting dates (4-5) dates before each meal helps greatly in weight gain.

3- Yeast tablets:
Eating yeast between the main meals helps add calories and body paint for women.

4- For people who do not have an appetite, it is possible to take Digestin tablets 3 times a day to help open the appetite.

And you must eat colorful dishes, and eating something that we love means grasping yourself over a certain food.

These steps increase weight in a noticeable way without increasing sagging or fat:

The steps are applied for a month to see a noticeable result in health and general appearance.

And to know how many kilos of muscles you gained your weight? How many kilos of fat and know your body needs how many calories for the ideal weight follow us in the nutrition clinic.

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