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The rumen is more dangerous than just a monster!

The rumen is more dangerous than just a monster!
Types of rumen
1-subcutaneous fat
Abu Shakal is a monster that is located between the muscles and the skin and has less damage and is more difficult to get rid of
2-visceral fat between muscles and internal organs
Abu Tadar is a monster that is found between the muscles and the internal organs of the body, its damage is much more, but it is easy to get rid of it.

The rumen comes with many problems and damages to the body for men and women in the short and long term as well as among the most important damages are:

1- Diabetes
Fat cells cause the secretion of chemicals that disrupt the cells' ability to absorb insulin, which leads to an increase in glucose in the blood.

2- Heart disease:
Clots - high blood pressure.

3- Alzheimer's / dementia:
Fat cells are tissues that cause inflammation and thus affect a person's mental abilities and raise the risk of neurological diseases.

4- Cancer:
Colon and breast cancer costume.

5- Sleep apnea.

6- metabolic syndrome.

Get rid of the rumen and protect yourself from diseases in the #Quor_Kleenex and follow us in the therapeutic feeding clinic and know how to get rid of the rumen quickly and safely.

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