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Best Clinical Nutrition Doctor in Egypt 2020

Doctor of Clinical Nutrition
"If you do not believe that your food is a medicine - then the medicine in your life will be like food."
What is the meaning that made us start with this statement
The meaning is that food is the basis of health, the basis of wellness

Food is the control for the prevention of many diseases such as obesity that lead to the a huge number of other diseases, heart and bone diseases, diabetes and others

The food is from which you get calcium, iron, protein and vitamins to keep your bones strong and firm without the need for any medical intervention.
Food is what supplies the skin and hair with the elements it needs to be beautiful, bright, strong and cohesive


Therefore, we in our center showed great interest in therapeutic nutrition and equipped a medical team with very much experience in the field

Which is the most important method of prevention and treatment of more than 85% of diseases


What ora clinic offers you in the field of clinical nutrition

1- Follow a very suitable and healthy food plan for your body that will add to the body all the necessary and important nutrients for the human body, such as minerals, vitamins and minerals.

2- Informing the patient about the reasons for putting this diet, how important it is, the necessity to follow it, what diseases he will treat, and what diseases he will work to prevent.

4- Providing food in good quantities without preventing the patient from not eating a certain meal so that the patient is not averse to food, but everything will be in a specific amount.

Doctor of Clinical Nutrition

5- Working together to restore the balance of the body’s components of salts, proteins, carbohydrates and fats in addition to drawing a good body shape that depends on strength and focus and solving problems of dispersion and forgetfulness.

6- Giving the body the required quantities of water and fluids in the human body, which certainly are and all the previous points differ from one person to another.
7- The balance between the patient’s therapeutic feeding and the therapeutic drugs he takes, and an attempt to replace most of the drugs with elements extracted from nature such as garlic - curcumin and others, very much.

8- Stimulating the patient's physical organs to make the most of food and reach the goal set with the patient in the first sessions

Advantages of Clinical Nutrition - (Clinical Nutrition Doctor)

Supplying the human body with the nutrients it needs after the doctor’s diagnosis and knowing the body’s needs of these elements. For example, we will talk about
The most important nutrients for different parts of the body
Hair - naturally needs Vitamin A and Vitamin B to promote youthful skin and give it a stimulus to collagen production
Bones - you need protein - iron - vitamins, and certainly calcium to be strong and healthy and able to fight any of the bone problems such as osteoporosis and inflammation in addition to roughness
Obesity and thinness - all of them need some elements and limit some elements, such as that mint suffers from obesity, we will work with you a very calculated diet after determining the mass of body fat and making a complete inbody that determines for us your body's daily need of protein, vitamins, and even carbohydrates and other elements to reach the ideal shape Without any sagging and in a very short period

The immune system - is the defender responsible for protecting the body from any disease attacks, as health is enhanced by - zinc - vitamins - calcium and iron
All this and more about heart, liver and kidney health. We will be with you on your visit to us by developing an appropriate treatment plan in measured quantities.
All you have to do is pre-book through our numbers, which you will find at the bottom of the page

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