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Knee roughness treatment - Qoura clinics for the treatment of pain

Treating knee roughness with thermal frequency

Many have become suffering from roughness of the knee joints for several reasons, such as the occurrence of accidents or many traumas that led to cartilage erosion or sitting wrongly, such as squaring, which is the most famous rule in the Arab world - the lack of healthy nutrition and many other reasons - as it has greatly affected the natural movement of people and wants The patient will definitely get rid of this pain and treat this painful accident, but when the patient goes to the doctor and knows that his treatment will be through knee surgery, it may be dangerous because of how difficult it is to deal with the joints and vertebrae, as most people come out of such operations more negatively than positive and this is Due to the difficulty of surgery in such a place in the whole world, not only Egypt

That is why medical myths in the world discovered very recent non-surgical techniques to treat this pain caused by osteoarthritis and knee, such as plasma sessions - nerve root injections - stem cells and thermal frequency that is our topic today and what is the extent of its effect in the treatment of roughness

Treating knee roughness with thermal frequency
What is thermal frequency

 It is a very modern treatment technology that works on a computer system, as it sends thermal frequencies through a needle that is directed to the joints between the vertebrae to treat pain

The result of the roughness of the vertebrae or the joints, or the second solution is the thermal frequency of the nerve roots, where this technique works here to treat the inflammation of the nerve roots resulting from the pressure of the sliding part of the cartilage, and the roughness of the vertebrae and the pain is reduced so much that it completely fades and quickly returns to your normal life.

And about the use of thermal frequency to treat knee roughness from our center, Qura Clinic

It is done by shedding a pulsating frequency on the sensory nerves that feed the knee joint through the passage of a certain frequency through the completely isolated needles except for the part that is in contact with the nerve, and the location of the nerve to be treated is determined by using a visual ray machine, which leads to relief and fading of the pain without any harm to the patient. On the contrary, no pain in the fastest time and without the need for surgical intervention

In order to get to know the thermal frequency more in the treatment of roughness and herniated disc, we will answer the most common questions that many patients asked to our medical team, which will form part of your thinking to take this step, which is the thermal frequency treatment

The most prominent questions about treating knee roughness with thermal frequency
the cost

It is definitely cheaper than surgery and its price is very reasonable, but it is determined according to the patient's condition and the treatment he needs

the place

The session is done in our center in a specially equipped, thermo-frequency, fully sterilized mode

Is there anesthesia?

There is no anesthesia, but a simple local anesthetic to ensure the patient’s stability and not feel any pain or fear

When do I feel better?

You will feel better much faster than the surgeries as the thermal frequency will feel the results within two weeks

Does the thermal frequency need to reserve the patient in the hospital?

No, the patient enters the session and is dealt with by the attending physician, and immediately afterwards goes home

What are the success rates of thermal frequency in treating roughness?

Certainly, this question does not apply to everyone on the same scale, but in general in our center more than 9% of patients with roughness were treated for them, rapid improvement was successful and the pain disappeared


Does the center have other services to help with treatment?
Yes, we have an analysis center equipped with the latest devices to do any tests required by the doctor

We have a physiotherapy team at the highest level

We have the best therapeutic nutrition doctors in Egypt and the Arab world, who may have an important role in developing a healthy diet that promotes bone and joint health

So all you have to do is communicate with us through our numbers at the bottom of the page or by visiting us at your nearest branch, and we are ready to receive all your inquiries and start a new journey of success with each patient


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