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Filler injection -The perfect solution for a fresh & youth face

Filler injection under the eyes and lips

It is one of the most prominent habits of stars and celebrities to preserve their glamorous beauty that we see on television


And it's usage increases as the age increases to keep the skin young , radiant and bright, and among the most prominent examples we have avtually see are all actors and artists who always go to do filler as it is

Filler injection under the eyes and lips

It is considered a non-surgical procedure as there is no type of operation in it and in most cases it does not require anesthesia except for those who fear

Filler injection session for the lips - under the eyes - the cheeks - the chin takes about a quarter of 15 minutes to 30 minutes as a maximum, without any pain.

During the session, the DOCTOR fills the spaces under the skin with elements that restore the skin's youth and shine again - Remove wrinkles - annoying signs of aging,

Which gives the skin a youthful and beautiful appearance.

Advantages of facial filler injection from our ora clinic

We have in the center which always start with it is accurate detection and diagnosis of the condition and where the skin problems are located

And then he started the injection sessions, which give great results

Your complexion shines bright and radiant like stars and celebrities

Completely get rid of any skin problems

Maintaining radiant, youthful skin

Completely get rid of wrinkles or signs of aging

Glow in the complexion and fill the places where it had fallen

All this without any clear risks or side effects, start with our clinic ora Clinic

So if you want to regain the fullness and the youth of your face and cheeks, enjoy plump lips, fill in the surface curves around your mouth, or even reduce wrinkles, lines and rudiments for youthful, radiant skin like stars, then injecting fillers from our center is the ideal solution.

All you have to do is contact us from the numbers at the bottom of the page or quickly visit us at the nearest branch

From those at the bottom of the page as well

The most common questions about filler injections under the eyes and lips

Do you need anesthesia during the surgery?

Firstly, it is not an surgery and there is no opening or surgical intervention in it

It is a local injection in the face - about anesthesia or anesthesia in most cases we do not need any type of anesthesia, but if the patient is very afraid, it is possible in this case to use a simple anesthetic during the session


What are the ingredients in the syringe

In Filler injection sessions, several positive elements are used in skin filler injection sessions, some of which are natural, such as fat cells - and collagen, including synthetic elements such as hyaluronic acid - polymer.

How long do the results live

The period of radiance of the complexion and found in its best youthful condition ranges from 6 months to 2 years

Is it available for men or women only?

Certainly, these injections have great results with both men and women, as they give both the highest levels of radiance and youth

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