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Botox injection for the face with Qoura Cosmetic Clinics

Botox injection for the face with Qoura Beauty Clinics is considered one of the best and fastest ways to eliminate wrinkles on the face and eyebrows and relax the muscles that cause wrinkles in general, so that the skin returns as smooth as children again.

What are the uses of botox for the face?

Botox is used in many cosmetic and non-cosmetic operations and sessions

Cosmetic such as, rhinoplasty, lips and head-front to get rid of 111 marks, eyebrows and many other places after consulting the attending physician

Is botox safe?

Despite the ease of the process and Botox sessions, but you must choose your doctor very carefully to avoid any errors, so in Koraklinx there is a group of the best plastic surgeons in Egypt,

Is botox process safe? Is botox needle painful?

Of course, the Botox session is completely safe, and it is not painful. The process does not exceed half an hour at the latest.

Do the results of botox appear immediately?

Sometimes the results appear immediately, and sometimes it takes one to two days for the effect to appear completely, and the full effect appears after a week at most, and the effect of botox lasts for several months, until the results gradually disappear, and the botox returns as it was.

Damage to botox

1 - The natural pain and redness associated with the location of the needles and does not last long
2- Sometimes some headaches, which is very normal
2- Sometimes heaviness in some of the eyelids or relaxation of some of the muscles of the face and here it is preferable not to rub it and let it come back on its own and go away on its own
4- Among the mistakes of inexperienced doctors, injecting an excessive percentage of botox causes weakness in breathing and vision, and if you feel any of these symptoms, you should go to the hospital without delay, and to avoid these damages, cooperate with Qoura cosmetic clinics, which have the best plastic doctors in Egypt

The price of the botox operation

The cost of a botox session varies from person to person depending on the location of the injection and the amount of botox used, and we offer the best prices for botox injections in Egypt in Quora clinics.

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