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Filler injection of freshness with Kora cosmetic clinics


Filler injection sessions are one of the best and safest cosmetic methods in the world, which is an injection of natural nutrients to fill and fill specific areas of the skin, especially the face, under the skin to prevent wrinkles and signs of aging

Where to inject filler in the face

Lines under the eyes
the nose
Places that need special attention in the destination

Is filler injection harmful? What are the disadvantages of fillers

Filler operation is considered freshness from the security of cosmetic operations or sessions in general and the fastest in the session and results, the process or session takes about 15 minutes, and does not reach half an hour

The process may lead to an allergy if you are allergic to some of the tools used in the injection, so you have to inform the attending doctor if you are sensitive to a specific tool
But in general, fresh fillers are a group of nutrients and there is no risk of them

Benefits of filler needles for freshness

The face filler is used even for the healthy face to increase its freshness and maintain it just as the freshness filler needles are used in: -
Treat and eliminate wrinkles and eliminate dead cells
Dark circles treatment
Treatment of dry skin and the absence of cracks in the skin
Treating some color pigmentation
Treatment of acne scars

Filler injection sessions prices

The price of a filler injection varies from one person to another, depending on the area, the number of needles used, the size of the area to be injected, etc. It is preferable to visit the doctor in the clinic to make sure of the need for the filler or not.

When will the results of the filler injection appear

You will notice the difference before and after the injection of the filler, immediately after the session, and it may take a week for the results to appear

Book now your own filler session with Kora Beauty Center, one of the best beauty centers in Egypt and the Arab world, and get a fresh look and face, overcome wrinkles 100%
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