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Plasma sessions for the face

Plasma sessions for the face

Life passes us without ever returning, negatively with many advantages, including the beauty and youth of the skin

But did science stop and surrender to life?

Of course, the answer is no, as scientists have invented many ways to treat aging skin and preserve it as much as possible - youthful - vital - beautiful

And for the closest clear example we have they are community celebrities and stars, can anyone believe that Amr Diab broke the 55-year barrier? Of course this is not entirely apparent on his skin

All this due to the advancement and development of science in the field of beauty, skin care and hair

So today we offer you one of the magic solutions used by community celebrities and stars to keep their skin beautiful, bright and youthful, free from pimples, wrinkles, or even signs of old age

Plasma sessions for the face

There are many women who resort to treating the face with plasma injections, as this method of treatment is one of the modern and safe methods for treating black eye circles, and these injections work very effectively in rejuvenation and vitality of the skin,

The plasma injection consists of a large number of stem cells that work to rejuvenate the skin, and these injections contribute to the treatment of joint erosion as it helps the cells to regenerate, and they are very useful to accelerate the healing of fractures, and with regard to cosmetic fields, these injections are used on the scalp to stop Hair loss and treatment of androgenetic alopecia in men and women as well

It is used on the facial skin to remove wrinkles, and to renew facial skin cells, which gives it freshness, vitality and youth and removes all traces of aging and old age,

Therefore, it is very special for these sessions for everyone who wants to follow

Advantages of skin plasma injection

Removal of dark circles blockage under the eye
Maintain youthful skin
Get rid of wrinkles and signs of skin aging
Enhance the radiance, shine and radiance of the skin, so it is very beautiful for girls coming to marriage
Stimulate collagen production, which is very beneficial for the skin

Plasma sessions for the face and how to do them

The method of using the injection is to draw an appropriate amount of the patient’s blood, and then this blood is treated using special devices in which the plasma is separated from the blood, and the blood plasma is distinguished by that it contains a good proportion of stem cells inside, and the plasma is mixed with calcium, which is the catalyst for cell transfusion. The stem and its transformation from a dormant state to an active state, and when the stem cells are activated in the plasma, it gives the skin good amounts of growth stimuli that restore the skin's youth and supplies it with growth enzymes that remove wrinkles, black circles and many skin problems, and this plasma is injected into the skin using very small injections known as the technique Mesotherapy

Therefore, it is very wonderful and very effective, which has made relying on celebrities and stars a very positive habit to reach the beauty that they are now.

Therefore, all you have to do now is to contact us and book from the numbers at the bottom of the page, and we have to order to restore the radiance and beauty to you again and get rid of the annoying things in the skin


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