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Meladeep Mask -Cold peeling of the face before and after

Cold peeling of the face before and after

Do you feel your skin is cut off?

The softness of your skin became weak ??

Are there dark spots or darkening in your skin ??

Do you want to get rid of excessive freckles ??

Do you want to lighten your skin or lighten sensitive areas ?? Affordable price compared to laser and other technologies

The solution is with us in the cold peeling through the Meladeep Mask

Therefore, we will learn more about it and how to do it from our center and its advantages and treatment advantages. We have Qura clinics, the pioneer of cosmetic and dermatology in Egypt.

Cold peeling of the face before and after through meladeep

Meladip mask is a Spanish product that is used by a doctor to treat many types of increased pigmentation or increased deposition of melanin in the skin, regardless of the strength of pigmentation or where it is located, which helps the freshness and lightening of the skin as it works to exfoliate the skin in a gentle way as it works to improve the condition General skin and general appearance.

The results exceeded very large levels, reaching more than 98%

Skin lightening and cleaning

Get rid of dark spots on the skin

Get rid of extra freckles

Treating pigmentation and moisturizing the skin

Restore skin irritation and soften it

Treating the symptoms of skin aging

Get rid of acne and blackheads

Lighten the bikini area

Lighten the armpit area and clean it completely

Excellent cleansing and brightening of both elbow - knee and between thighs

All of this and more through cold peeling sessions and a melanin mask that reflects youth and a wonderful shine for the skin before any big occasion, or for treating skin problems, or even to prevent the appearance of symptoms of aging on the skin, so we recommend it in our clinic and now we will talk about what are the advantages to do with us

Advantages of the coold peeling by Meladeb from ora Clinic

Our center provides you with the best cosmetic and dermatologists who have the highest certificates and are keeping pace with the wonderful technological development in the field of skin

Our center is completely sterile and safe and has the highest levels of hygiene

Our center provides a therapeutic nutrition doctor if a person needs to develop a diet that gives the skin its needs and prevents problems with it

We have many other technologies for skin and hair such as botox, fillers and plasma sessions - which provide an advanced and wonderful solution for treating hair loss and baldness, which you can see more about here. Treatment of genetic baldness in women and men

We provide a pre-reservation service to prevent the idea of ​​boring waiting, as the patient comes and quickly enters the doctor from our crescent numbers at the bottom of the page

We are located in Mohandessin and Assembly - you will find the addresses at the bottom of the page

So all you have to do is contact us or visit us at the nearest branch and we will restore youth to your skin inevitably

(Cold peeling of the face before and after) Real results from our center

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