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Dermapen before and after - the secret of the star look

Do you suffer from skin problems?

Do you suffer from the emergence of a lot of acne?

Do you feel that your skin is no longer bright and shiny as it was?

Are you afraid of the appearance of wrinkles or any signs of aging of the skin?

Do you want to have a gorgeous radiant complexion like the stars?

Have you tried to use a lot of care and foundation products but were not going to give you the results you hoped for?

We, Qura Clinics, have brought to you the best new technologies to get a wonderful, flawless complexion, shiny and bright like the skin of stars and celebrities of the community, which is the dermapen

Dermapen before and after

Dermapen is considered one of the revolutionary procedures with micro-needles aimed at tightening, lifting and rejuvenating the skin. Dermapen can improve the appearance of fine lines, premature wrinkles, scars

Acne, stretch marks and pigmentation. It stimulates collagen in the skin and helps the skin and scalp absorb any vitamins.

And it stimulates collagen and sixty and creates thin channels in the skin to deliver treated materials such as mesotherapy and plasma.

Ultimately treats scars and facial pits

Removes dark spots

Works to reduce pores larger than required

Moisturizes the skin and restores its beauty again

Dermapen before and after



Dermapen price

Its price varies according to the number of sessions a person needs - depending on the condition of the face and the benefits it needs, but it is much cheaper than lasers and has fewer side effects as it is considered completely free of any side effects.

Advantages of our dermapen treatment

First, we have an elite group of medical doctors in Egypt

Secondly, we have therapeutic nutrition doctors who help us to develop a diet that supports the health of the skin and stimulates the production of natural collagen from it.

We have more than one other treatment technique that is very distinctive if we need to achieve a specific goal, such as - Botox, fillers, methotherapy and others from modern and very effective techniques.

We provide you with a pre-reservation service through our numbers at the bottom of the page to prevent boring waiting

We provide a 24-hour communication service with the medical team so that they are ready to answer all questions and inquiries that you may want to answer from the specialists through WhatsApp


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