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Acne treatment for oily skin - and other skin types -

Acne treatment for oily skin
Many of us suffer from it, as it is very annoying, and it greatly affects the beauty of our skin, especially that which appears before events
But with us, it will not be feared because our center treats it quickly and in a gentle manner without any side effects or feeling pain, but before we know together about how our ora clinic treats pills in an effective way
We will first know the reasons for their occurrence

Acne treatment for oily skin
Causes of acne

This type of pesky pills consist of

The skin produces a large amount of oils, which leads to their accumulation

Failure to renew skin cells continuously

Hormonal changes in adulthood, old age, menstrual cycle and pregnancy period as well

- The accumulation of germs and bacteria on the skin without caring for cleaning it, peeling it, or even moisturizing it

Unsuitable cosmetics for skin type

Scrub the face a lot using the hand

Scrub the pills, which work to distribute the oils to many of the pores and block them all, which creates pimples

Methods for treating acne for oily skin

Treatment methods are many, but all aim at one goal, which is getting rid of pimples and getting rid of pills comes through
Reducing the production of cells and pores of the sap more than necessary
Work to regenerate cells quickly and get rid of dead skin

Clean skin from germs and bacteria

In our ora clinic
We get rid of these pills completely by more than one method of work such as continuous cleaning and masks, skin peeling devices and getting rid of dead skin - lasers, making a diet aimed at giving the skin its need of nutrients that enhance its radiance and its production of collagen

Determine treatment methods

- The specialist first determines the type of skin
Accurate diagnosis of pills and the reasons for their formation
Create a nutritional plan that supports what the skin needs
Continuous advisory sessions through the center and whatsapp
Filtering types of care and make-up products intended for oily skin or any other skin type
In our center, treatment of acne or wrinkles is not limited to oily skin only
Our center takes care of all types of skin and treats all its problems and disorders with the latest and best treatment methods that are enjoyable

Advantages of acne treatment for oily skin in our center

At ora clinic, we care very much about skin and treat it according to the extent of the damage caused to it

We have the best treatment devices for the skin in addition to the effective and distinctive masks

Lasers and diets tailored to your skin and lifestyle

Continuous communication and advice through the center 24/7


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