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LipoFreeze -for weight losing

Do you suffer from excess weight in your body ??

Does it affect your health, your ability to practice daily activities and your health ??

Do you suffer from the effect of these fats on your look and your self-confidence?

Do you want to get rid of these excess fats quickly?

The solution is now with us in Koura clinics through lipofreeze, the latest slimming techniques in the world, which highlighted wonderful successes that made it one of the best slimming techniques in the world

Therefore, we will now talk about it and how to treat overweight disease in our clinic


It is one of the newest and best slimming devices in the world

As it works to break down and break down fats in the body in a wonderful way, especially fats that are difficult to remove through sports and diet as it gets rid of them, tightens the body and prevents flabbiness in a few sessions

The areas where excess fat can be eliminated through Leo Freezer

Abdomen - the lower and upper parts of it

Thigh, waist and side

Chest and back


advantages of lipofreeze 

An alternative to surgery, as it can reach some layers that were impossible to reach without making an incision in the skin.

A non-surgical procedure approved by the US Food and Drug Administration.

There are no needles, scalpels, or even holes in the skin.

Immediate results appear after the session that lasts from 45-90 minutes, and the results continue to improve from 1 to 3 months.

Rapid disposal of excess fat and restore the body to a shape that gives the customer his self-confidence again

Sculpt and tighten the body, as slimming with lipo-freezer does not result in any sagging

Impressive results for reshaping the abdomen of the anatomy after a cesarean section

The procedure results in the body's natural processes to repair and improve the shape of the skin by stimulating collagen

Which gives much better results.

The sessions do not require a recovery period, as you can practice your normal life immediately after the session

The price is very reasonable compared to slimming operations. Libo Freezer is cheaper and safer and does not need holes in the skin or in an operating room

Advantages of treatment with us in ora clinics

We have a phone reservation service to prevent boring patient waiting

We have a medical team at the highest level that continues with you during the treatment period to answer all questions and inquiries you have through WhatsApp or mobile

We have the highest levels of sterilization and cleaning, so the place is completely safe

We provide you with more than one alternative plan if you wish, such as that in our slimming clinics more than one device and other non-surgical technology works to get rid of fat quickly as well.

We have a medical team for therapeutic nutrition to develop the best food systems to help you maintain your new weight and protect yourself from gaining weight again

And this happens through a wonderful and varied diet with many delicious foods so that you will not get tired of it

So, what you have to do is contact us from our numbers or come to our branches at the bottom of the page to start a new journey of restoring self-confidence and get rid of many diseases that cause obesity

Getting rid of obesity is no longer a luxury

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