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Mesotherapy injection to tighten and slimming

Mesotherapy injection to tighten and slimming

Are you annoyed by excess body fat ( obesty)?

Does sagging skin annoyed you, especially the abdominal area, after pregnancy?

Unable to exercise continuously or even sport did not give you the results you want in tightening the sagging ??

All this and more is treated. Mesotherapy injection is one of the most prominent skin tightening and slimming injections that have produced amazing results with many patients in the past years.

So, the time has come to quickly turn to Ora Clinic

To get what you aspire to from a beautiful, tight 7 fit shape without flabbiness or fat

What is mesotherapy injection to tighten and slimming

It is a French technique that is widely known and widely discovered in Europe

It uses injections of vitamins, enzymes, hormones, and plant extracts to rejuvenate and tighten the skin, and remove excess fat in the abdomen, thighs, buttocks, hips, and legs perfectly without sagging, arms, and face. Reducing cellulite. And get rid of wrinkles. And tighten sagging skin. And body sculpting so reach fit shape 

Diagnosis and treatment from our center for Mesotherapy sessions

First, before we go into how to diagnose and determine the number of sessions

We must note that the doctors of our center have experience in the field of cosmetics for more than 15 years and have knowledge and constant development that keeps pace with the times and for everything that is new and has effective and safe results

Then we will tell you how to treat us in our center

First, the attending physician begins to make a diagnosis and thorough examination of the skin and places of fat accumulation
Developing a treatment plan for a specific period of sessions, to be determined by the doctor, according to the case
Establishing a specific diet for each patient based on the body's need of all nutrients after INBODY work
Continuous follow-up during the treatment period and after its completion, and achieving the desired goal by the patient
Of course, now you may have a lot of questions that revolve in your minds, and here we will try to answer them by way of a paragraph in response to the most common questions when evaluating mesotherapy sessions

The most common questions about mesotherapy injections to tighten and slimming

The appropriate number of sessions:

You will need several sessions of mesotherapy to get the desired effect and result, the number of sessions determined by the doctor between 3 to 10 sessions at the beginning the injection is repeated every 10 days, and if the skin begins to improve, the sessions will continue at a rate of once every two to 3 weeks.

Does it fit all weights

Despite the success of mesotherapy with many people who suffer from the accumulation of fat in the body in large quantities, but it is ineffective with very large weights who are obese, but we have other solutions for the elderly who are suitable for them and have a wide success in the center. Ask or about them when you visit us

Do you need a recovery period or a break from work for several days?

The answer is simply no, because it is not a surgery, but rather a local injection, as the patient is able to practice all activities of working life after which it is very normal.

Do sessions need anesthesia?

There is no anesthetic injection, but topical creams are placed on the injection site to prevent any pain

Mesotherapy results:

The results of mesotherapy vary from person to person depending on the degree of local lipid accumulated and on the nature and elasticity of the skin.

But in general, the results begin to appear from the third session, and in a very noticeable way, as it not only works on slimming, but also tightens the body and gets rid of any fatty increases as well.

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