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disc prolapse treatment by thermal frequency

 disc prolapse treatment by thermal frequency 

A herniated disc in general is a result of cartilage erosion and increased friction between the vertebrae or the joint such as the cervical vertebrae - the lumbar vertebrae - the joints - the knee and others are all treated at our center.

Our clinic is one of the leading clinics  in the treatment of herniated disc - knee roughness - joint roughness - lumbar and cervical vertebrae roughness, where we had treatment that could be with more than one technique and treatment method according to the patient's condition as one of the most prominent of these very effective techniques, which has achieved great success Is the thermal frequency

We will talk about it in detail and answer the most common questions about it, in addition to explaining how to contact us and book with us, so that we can start a new journey of success together from our clinics .

 disc prolapse treatment by thermal frequency 

Thermal frequency is a computer system technology that sends heat frequencies through a needle that is directed to the joints between the vertebrae to treat pain.

The result of the roughness of the vertebrae, and the second option is the thermal frequency of the nerve roots to treat the inflammation of the nerve roots resulting from the compression of the sliding part of the cartilage, and the roughness of the vertebrae.

The answer to the most common questions


Where do these sessions take place?

It is equipped with a unit equipped in our center and sterilized at the highest scale and has complete privacy

Number of sessions

The attending physician determines the number of sessions along with a healthy diet that promotes healthy bones and gives them the nutrients they need

Results appear

The patient does not feel after the heat hesitation at a moment the real improvement, but it takes about two weeks, the patient may fluctuate between improvement and pain and this is normal and the patient should not be concerned and the more the patient adheres to the instructions of the attending physician during the two weeks, the greater his chances of rapid improvement

Session duration

The session ranges from 20 minutes to 30 minutes


The price is not specified because it is determined on several variable things such as the patient’s condition, the place of slip and the number of sessions, but compared to the prices of operations, it is much cheaper and very appropriate

Advantages of  disc prolapse treatment by thermal frequency 

The advantages of thermal frequency therapy come from our clinics are very numerous. It is enough to start with the rate of its success in the final treatment of herniated disc, joint pain and roughness of the vertebrae that exceeded the success rate of more than 95% of cases, and of course for everyone who knows in statistics that a rate like this is very high and very distinctive You will not find it much in Egypt

Herniated disc treatment with thermal frequency does not require any surgical intervention at all

Treatment of herniated disc with thermal frequency does not require significant recovery periods or inability to move after leaving the session on the same day. Be able to carry out your daily activities easily.

Our center provides the patient with constant follow-up 24 hours a day to answer all questions or inquiries, which make you feel that you have a permanent doctor wherever you are

our clinics  is completely sterilized throughout the day and the patient is not treated with any device except after immediate and very accurate sterilization

The success rates in treating a herniated disc with thermal frequency were higher than 95% of our center's cases, and the other 5%, most of them were due to non-compliance with the instructions of the treating doctor.

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