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Injecting cervical nerve roots with Kora Clinic

Injections of cervical nerve roots are resorted to in cases of increased pain, and the desire to get rid of it permanently without surgery, and it is considered one of the easiest and surest operations to get rid of cervical spine pain permanently


How is cervical nerve root injection performed, and what is nerve root injection?

It is the injection of some important drugs to treat the affected nerve root on the right or left side in the place where the nerve to be injected appears, and the purpose of the injection is to treat and relieve pain + eliminate existing infections, and reduce the effect on the extremities affected by the nerve

Is nerve root injection difficult ?!

Certainly not, it is considered one of the easiest operations or sessions at all due to the presence of the interventional rays that help to direct the needle and reduce the risk, therefore, there is no risk or side effects from the injection, especially with the Qoura clinic specialized in treating pain

When will you recover or be discharged from the hospital?

The process continues for about a quarter of an hour, and then you come home intact, with great improvement, but expect recovery or no pain after a few days have passed for the injection to take effect

What is the cost of nerve root injection ?!

The prices of lumbar or cervical nerve root injections differ from one patient to another according to the location of the injury, the extent of the injury and the resulting pain, and the effects of neuritis,

It is preferable to treat the nerve in the early stages to get quick results and more safety before spreading, book your consultation now with the best doctors specializing in pain treatment in Egypt

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