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Stem cells treatment of knee Osteoarthritis

Stem cells treatment of knee Osteoarthritis

One of the most common types of pain in recent years among young people and adults is the knee Osteoarthritis, as this occurs due to cartilage erosion (as the gelatinous substance that facilitates movement between the joints, withstands shocks and prevents friction) and increased friction between the knee joints

Which leads to severe pain when moving and the inability to walk in many times, but this now has many modern and easy treatment methods for both young people or adults as these techniques are non-surgical techniques that treat roughness and eat cartilage, whether in the neck or lumbar spine Or even the Osteoarthritis of the knee, and this is what we will talk about in the following lines about the latest techniques for treating Osteoarthritis, which have achieved great success in our  Quora Clinic

Stem cells treatment of knee roughness

There are many  successful techniques in the treatment of roughness, such as thermal frequency - plasma - and of course treatment through stem cells, which we will talk about treatment through in our clinics  with more expansion now

Stem cell injection: It is the most prominent development of science in the treatment of roughness in the world of medicine, as these stem cells are extracted from abdominal fat, which are cells that can be modified and transformed into other cells, whether bone or cartilage cells, and then these cells are treated and multiplied in the laboratory and re-injected inside Joint to help rebuild cartilage and the growth of new cartilage cells that facilitate movement between joints - withstand shocks and knocks - and of course facilitate a person’s movement quickly without the need for surgical intervention.

Advantages of knee roughness treatment with stem cells from our center

First it is

  1. Easy, simple, safe and risk-free technology.
  2. A non-surgical intervention performed by the doctor in a local anesthetic session
  3. You do not need to stop the movement for a long time, but you need some rest as much as possible and its results appear faster than surgeries 
  4. It has no complications or side effects
  5. Its price is seauitable and it is cheaper compared to the prices of surgical procedures
  6. We have a full medical team that prescribes for you a healthy diet that promotes joint health and healthy and beneficial cell growth
  7. We have a full sports medical team that works to give you an assistive treatment plan through physical therapy and some exercise, whether at home, the gym, or in our center
  8. We have a full team that continues with you 24 hours a day to answer all your questions and inquiries, as you will have a permanent doctor wherever you go during the treatment period.
  9. The center is completely sterile and at the highest level of hygiene to ensure the health of the patient and the doctor
  10. We provide patients with a pre-reservation service through the numbers at the bottom of the page to ensure speedy entry and not wait for the patient for long periods to enter the doctor
  11. The center is licensed by the Egyptian Medical Syndicate and the Egyptian Ministry of Health

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