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Treating spine arthropathic - without surgical intervention

Treating spine arthropathic 


Roughness is one of the most common joint diseases and injuries in our Arab world.

Especially roughness of the knee joint, which occurs in 70% of those over the age of 60,

However, the spine can also occur and be injured by roughness

Which appears in an influential way in the movement of the patient and the pain of the spine of Dew to the point of being unable to straighten his body, but rather being bent is the only way to be comfortable

But is this definitely not a solution? With the development of science, and with our students keeping pace with this development and studying the best research, there is a very comfortable non-surgical solution, but before we talk about it, we know what is the roughness of the vertebrae and what are the reasons for its search

Treating spine arthropathic 

It is an incident of cartilage erosion, which is present between the vertebrae, to have an important role in bearing shocks, facilitating movement between vertebrae and preventing vertebrae friction with each other

So when these cartilage wear out, vertebrae roughness quickly occurs, because it is they that work, as we talked before, to withstand shocks and prevent friction of the vertebrae together.

Therefore, we will learn about the reason for the roughness of the vertebrae of the spine, whether they are thoracic, cervical or lumbar, through the causes that lead to erosion


Causes of cartilage erosion (Treating spine arthropathic )

Malnutrition and the lack of a useful healthy diet containing essential nutrients such as vitamins, protein and calcium, on the contrary, relying in an exaggerated manner on fast food that has no benefit, but on the contrary it harms and causes obesity that increases the load on the vertebrae

- Stadium injuries and accidents. Here, you must leave quickly and not shorten the treatment period

- The wrong position for long periods of sitting or movement without straightening the body.
Heavy work and heavy loads damage the spine and increase the friction of the cartilages between the vertebrae


Symptoms of  spine arthropathy (Osteoarthritis)

We will talk here about the symptoms that appear on the sufferer of roughness with the vertebrae about the symptoms of roughness for each group of vertebrae alone, such as the cervical or lumbar spine, and they are the two types that most commonly occur with them

Symptoms of infection of the cervical vertebrae

Kipper's weakness causes a pain in the neck at any pregnancy on the cervical spine
Numbness in the neck muscles
Discomfort with it and the presence of too many knocking at it
Lack of peripheral sensation
Symptoms of infection of the lumbar vertebrae

Severe pain in the thigh and leg
Numbness in the thigh and foot
The presence of significant pain may affect the ease of movement in the back


Treating spine arthropathy in our center

At the Qura center, the treatment starts from

A very accurate diagnosis for the doctor, and then a treatment plan used to develop

First - a healthy diet that supports the strengthening of strength in muscles and vertebrae

Second - Determine the method of treatment and the number of sessions required by thermal frequency or nerve root injection

We put in place the number of physiotherapy sessions for the patient also that we do at our center for Diane, the best physiotherapist in Egypt

And when the condition is diagnosed, it may happen and that the case needs treatment with only natural treatment, and this we do immediately with giving some of the necessary medicines


Advantages of treatment in our center

The presence of an assistant team 24 hours a day throughout the week to answer all questions and inquiries and follow-up on the solution first by first
We have all the patient's needs in one place, including radiation or physiotherapy sessions - a therapeutic nutrition doctor, so it is definitely cheaper from the outside and more effective and follow-up
We have a wonderful medical team in sports medicine who works to do enjoyable exercises with you that treat roughness
We are in Mohandessin if you are a resident of Giza
We are in the gathering on 90th Street if you are from Cairo
By doing this, you will find us wherever you are, and to know the address in detail or our numbers, you will find it at the bottom of the page.


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