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Treatment of knee osteoarthritis by prp

Treatment of knee osteoarthritis by prp

Knee osteoarthritis is one of the most common problems that afflict many people in our Arab world, and this is due to several reasons, the most prominent of which is the lack of proper nutrition and other reasons, with which we begin to speak, and then we will talk about how to treat this osteoarthritis without surgical intervention

Causes of of knee osteoarthritis

obesity - as the more weight you gain, the load increases on the knee joints, which leads to weakness and cartilage erosion in them, which causes osteoarthritis in the knee

Aging - as the older the age, the joints weaken and are consumed more - and the solution here to avoid this cause is to exercise as much as possible.

Malnutrition - bad nutrition  and soft drinks is what it is, but it leads to several problems such as osteoporosis - joint weakness - failure to give the bones the nutrients they need to strengthen them - an increase in weight and many other problems that lead to joint osteoarthritis

Excessive load- this comes from work stress or load who is carrying too much weight

Injuries and accidents - the occurrence of an accident to a person or injury to playgrounds or when playing sports may affect distress and lead to roughness

Thus, we have finished listing most of the causes of knee osteoarthritis .

Treatment of knee osteoarthritis by prp

The development of technology has affected science by many and great steps that made it much easier for the patient to treat diseases that were in the past difficult to treat or required surgical interventions that took more than 7 hours in the surgical rooms - but now the treatment has become easier and faster and the levels of risk have decreased a lot over time.

This is what touched the treatment of knee osteoarthritis , which has now become more than a wonderful therapeutic solution without the need for surgical intervention such as thermal frequency - stem cells - nerve root injections and plasma injections that are very effective in treating pain and returning the patient to his normal life activities again, which is the method that we will talk about. Today


Treatment of knee osteoarthritis by prp

They are limited interventions, meaning they do not need to open or cut surgically, they are simple, easy and safe

As we draw a blood sample from the person to be treated and then
The blood is placed in a device called a centrifuge, which separates the plasma from the rest of the blood components and thus the process of obtaining it

Then the yellow colored liquid comes out, which is plasma, which is the main source of platelets.
We add to this liquid several reinforcing elements of the treatment and then inject them to the patient to enhance the treatment plan and accelerate the patient's recovery


Answer the most common questions about treatment

Do you need anesthesia?

You only need local anesthesia so that the patient does not have any kind of fear or tension

What is the session duration and how to determine the number of sessions

The number of sessions is determined by the physician treating the center through the first session with the patient, where he makes a very accurate examination and diagnosis of the condition, the number of sessions that you need, and the duration of the session itself ranging from 20 minutes to half an hour as a maximum

What is the patient's rest period?

After the sessions, the patient does not need a long period of rest or immobility - as he leaves the clinic on the same day and rest at home for two or three days at the most.

How much do these sessions cost?

The cost We are able to swallow the patient with it upon detection, where the patient’s need is determined by the number of sessions and the extent of the difficulty of roughness and its impact on the surrounding areas and this is, of course, much cheaper than the price of operations in such a field.

Benefits of our treatment

Firstly, we have a high-quality medical team with very great experience in treating roughness without surgical intervention
We have high level sterilization throughout the day
If the patient is overweight, we make a slimming plan for him through the best therapeutic nutrition doctors
We have a physiotherapy center and an analysis laboratory equipped to the highest level if they are needed in the treatment plan
A full medical team is with you all day long to answer all your questions and inquiries
We provide a pre-reservation service to facilitate patient admission quickly without boring waiting
All you have to do is contact us through the numbers at the bottom of the page or go to the nearest branch of the addresses also found at the bottom of the page

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