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Lumbar nerve root injection with Kora clinics for pain treatment

  • Nerve root injection

    Treating pain has become much easier with the passage of time, especially after the emergence of the nerve root injection process, and it has become easier and safer with Qoura clinics to treat pain

    When is nerve root injections used?

    For anyone who asks about what is nerve root injection and when is nerve root injection performed, the answer is: -

    When the pain and pain increases severely in the nerves of the spinal cord, affecting the movement of some areas fed by the affected nerve, which is the injection of some medicines into the affected nerve to treat and treat damage from it, especially in the lumbar and cervical spine.

    What are the damages and risks of nerve root injections?

    The nerve root injection process is completely safe and there are no effects or side effects and there is no risk, and the interventional radiology is guided, so we are assured that there is no error rate, and the process does not take more than a quarter of an hour for its ease.

    What is the cost of nerve root injection?

    The prices of nerve root injections vary according to the location of the nerve and the extent of the damage, it may need more than one session, and according to the extent of the existing damage. If you are in the early stages, it is preferable to treat pain and damage from the beginning, it is better. .

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