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thermal frequency treatment for lumber disc prolapse

thermal frequency treatment for lumber disc prolapse

We also talked in the previous services about how technology has developed and its positive impact on medicine and pain treatment

As if it was known for a long time about the treatment of a herniated disc or Osteoarthritis, it is only surgical operations, in which the failure rates have always reached 30% or more, and this is a very high rate, so there has been a proliferation of research and developments in how to treat pain and treat a herniated disc worsening in the cervical spine Or the lumbar or even the roughness of the knee and the joints with specific non-surgical interventions that remove pain without the need for any surgery, such plasma injection - nerve root injection - stem cells - and thermal frequency, which we will talk about in more detail now.


thermal frequency treatment for lumber disc prolapse

It is a non-surgical intervention that works to treat many different types of pain such as knee Osteoarthritis - joint Osteoarthritis- herniated disc - tumor treatment - and other diseases

But today we will talk more about the thermal frequency treatment of a herniated disc, which has achieved great success with us in the center, more than 97% of cases


thermal frequency treatment steps for lumber disc prolapse


The treatment of herniated disc with thermal frequency is by first placing the local anesthetic and the interventional rays after showing the image taken on a display screen on the device immediately and we were able to take multiple and quick pictures in a few seconds, which makes it easier to adjust the location of the needle used in the injection in a few seconds in his room Operations under complete sterilization, and after determining the location of the nerve roots to be treated by radiation, the skin is anesthetized through a thin needle with local anesthesia, and a thin needle is inserted completely isolated, except for a small part in the front of it, and a cable from the thermal frequency device is inserted inside the needle until all The therapeutic energy is focused on the nerve roots and the correct position of the needle is confirmed by testing inside the thermal frequency device to ensure the best results and safety, and PRF is also used on the central nerve roots with a herniated disc

This leads to a significant diminution of the patient's pain and the patient's ability to return again to normal movement and perform daily activities that he had stopped for a long time again within a maximum of two weeks

Advantages of treatment with us in the ora clinics with thermal frequency

First, our center is distinguished

Achieving very high success rates in treating herniated disc, joint and knee osteoarthritis, exceeding 97% of cases
Our center is characterized by the presence of a full medical team with you during the 24th to answer all inquiries and questions, as this allows you to have a permanent doctor throughout the treatment period inside and outside the center
We provide you with the best diets for your body, which are prepared for you by a therapeutic nutritionist to work to get rid of excess weight as soon as possible, which enhances treatment and relieves pressure on the vertebrae
The place is completely sterile and very safe
We have the best physiotherapy and rehabilitation doctors who may need their role in treatment in some cases if needed
We provide you with a pre-reservation service through our numbers at the bottom of the page to facilitate patient entry without waiting in our branches, which you will also find addresses at the bottom of the page
Therefore, all you have to do is call us or visit us in our branches, and we are ready to work quickly to achieve the best results together and restore you to normal life in a very short period

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