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54 Elbatal Ahmed Abd Elaziz street, Elmohandeseen, Giza.



The best laboratories in Egypt - ora clinics

The best laboratories in Egypt
The best choice for medical analyses is here in our ora clinic
who are we!
The ora clinic is an integrated center in the treatment of many diseases and injuries, such as all specialties of physiotherapy - therapeutic nutrition - radiotherapy  and  medical analyses- skin diseases and hair loss - treatment of joint and vertebral stiffness and others

Why are ora laboratories the best laboratories in Egypt?

In addition to that, we have one of the largest analysis laboratories in Egypt and fully equipped from Europe which has a medical team at the highest level to facilitate all the client's needs in the fastest time and best price, so we will talk in the following points about what distinguishes ora clinic from other laboratories


In our center there is attention to all details, all cases,

Giving the pationt what he needs from instructions


  • We have the best continuous sterilization systems, before the corona came, and after the corona, all disinfection and sterilization systems have been doubled
    We have a specialized medical team with more than 15 years of experience
    The center is equipped with all the international devices that are ISO and FDA certified
    We at ora clinic offer the largest list of tests that contain 1000 tests and analyzes ranging from easy and traditional tests to the most complex
    We have a profile system for each patient - to monitor the case periodically and keep all the x-rays and analyzes that he may need at any later time
    The center is licensed by the Egyptian Medical Syndicate and the Egyptian Ministry of Health

The goal of ora clinic (the best laboratories in Egypt)

Achieving the highest international standards for laboratory services to provide the best service to the patient at the best possible price and the fastest time to obtain analyzes
All you have to do is contact us quickly from our numbers at the bottom of the page


Our other center services

Treating joint Osteoarthritis

Treatment of androgenetic alopecia in women and men

Physiotherapy and rehabilitation center

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