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Treating joint Osteoarthritis

Treating joint Osteoarthritis

Joint Osteoarthritisis one of the most common types of arthritis in our Arab world
As it occurs as a result of the erosion of the cartilage located between the bones
Which leads to the bones becoming exposed without the presence of an elastic and viscous substance, which leads to the friction of the bones with each other, which affects the presence of many annoying muscular and bone disorders that negatively affect the health of the individual and limit the activities of his day naturally

As in the normal position, the joint is covered with this cartilaginous layer that acts as a cover to protect the bones from itching between them, which can be an effective role in moving smoothly and protecting the bones from friction.

But when the infection arises from joint stiffness, the cartilage weakens, dissolves and becomes very weak, so the bones become without any protection and no break to prevent itching between them.
Which greatly limits the ease of movement in the joint and infections occur that lead to great pain in the affected area

Causes "treatment of joint Osteoarthritis"

The causes are many, but the injury is one, so we have to know the causes and avoid doing them at all, whether you are not sick or sick with Osteoarthritis, you should not overload it, and you have to contact us, we are the ora clinic center where we have the latest treatment methods that have proven great success in treating roughness in the vertebrae and joints

1- Muscle weakness and stress on the knee joint for a long time, and this is often a reason for roughness.

2- Malnutrition and high dependence on fast food that has no benefit, but on the contrary it causes obesity
And not relying on healthy eating that contains the nutrients needed to strengthen and protect bones and joints such as calcium, vitamin D, vitamin A and vitamin C.

3- Weight gain, as we mentioned in the previous point
- Causes load more than the crisis on the joints where the many fats lead to weakness of the cartilage of the knee and the overload on the knee joint to bear all that weight, but do not worry completely with us during the treatment period you will find many additional services in which you will find all the healthy diets you want from doctors Feed specialists
4- sport injuries and accidents

5- The wrong position for sitting for long times, such as squaring, which is the most popular sitting position in our Arab homeland, so it is not desirable at all, especially for long periods.


1- Stiffness and stiffness in the joints

This is especially important when waking up or after a period of inactivity that you will experience

2 - cracking &snapping

- A crackling sound is heard a lot when any joint movement does not do anything worth it This is also caused by the lack of elastic cartilage material between the joints

3- Cramping and contracting

- This may happen in the tendons adjacent to the separation, but its occurrence is not permanent and the possibility of occurrence was after a very long period of roughness injury, and we here at the Ora Clinic ask you not to wait much for any of the symptoms. Contact us immediately so that we will be able to treat you quickly and return you to practice your normal life

The advantages of treating joint Osteoarthritis

We specialize in mastering a treatment plan

2- We develop a nutritional plan based on giving abundant amounts of the elements needed by the bone to be stronger and faster to receive treatment

3- We have a medical team specialized in sports medicine, where we can do fun exercises with you that treat roughness in the center

4- Follow-up of the situation throughout the entire day, as we were with you in everything you want to ask or inquire about something

5- Now all you have to hurry to contact us and quarantine to be able to plan the activity without the need for surgical intervention



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