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Treatment of androgenetic alopecia in women and men

Treatment of androgenetic alopecia in women and men
For women, hair is a woman's crown and one of the most important elements of her natural beauty that adorns her radiance

Unfortunately, in middle age, heavy hair loss may appear
Or the confining of the hair on the forehead and the occurrence of large and clear spaces in the scalp, where the female pattern baldness

Which, of course, differs somewhat from male pattern baldness
Where the amount of falls, the void levels, and the different hormonal disruptions

Therefore, we ora Clinic brought the best methods of treating this major disorder by injecting plasma to treat such problems.

Causes of genetic baldness in women 

Certainly, scientists have not reached a definite agreement on the causes, but there are some reports and research that show that baldness in women happens to increase the levels of male hormones, especially after forty and the lack of female hormones
Or to hormonal disorders and menopause, which leads to insufficient hormonal nutrition for hair

for men

The cause is mostly hereditary in terms of genes, and this is also treated by our center through plasma injection

Hormonal disorders also cause hair loss without human intervention


Treatment of androgenetic alopecia in women and men

This major genetic disorder is treated with plasma injection
Which is the best solution to treat baldness and hair loss because of the very great success achieved by it, exceeding 90%

What is plasma injection (treatment of androgenetic alopecia in women and men)

They are injections that contain plasma that is present in the blood
Where we use the blood separation device to take a small blood sample from the patient and extract the plasma from it and give it to him, as it does many positives, namely

Benefits of plasma injection in the treatment of androgenetic alopecia for women &men 

1- Filling the blanks and returning the hair density to them again
2- Re-growth of thick and strong hair on the scalp instead of thin and falling hair

Treatment of alopecia, alopecia and all hair loss disorders with a very effective result

Causes of non-inherited baldness and hair loss in women and men

Of course, there are some other wrong factors and habits that cause hair loss in women in a terrible way, such as
1- Excessive dyeing of hair with chemicals
2- Use hair iron and blow-dry more than necessary
3- Not following a healthy diet, as hair has some
The necessary nutrients it needs, such as vitamin A and vitamin B, which are found in most fruits and vegetables, vitamin D, which is present in the sun, so it is recommended to expose hair to the sun for 10 minutes a day or eat vitamin D pills in addition to omega-3 in shrimp, salmon and most other types of fish, in addition to nuts
4- Lack of concern for airing and moisturizing the hair well after removing the veil for women or capes for men
5- Anemia and anemia, so we must avoid all of this to keep the hair in a bright and vibrant image

6- Smoking heavily - as it is destructive to the health of hair and its cohesion and causes weakness in it, which leads to hair loss

7-  use inappropriate  hair care products

So, all you have to do is communicate with us and we are able to restore confidence and beauty to the hair again and prevent it from falling out, but fill in the voids in it and grow it again in a wonderful and coherent way in a period not so great all you have to do is contact us and pre-book through our numbers below the page

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