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best Physiotherapy and rehabilitation center in Egypt

Physiotherapy and rehabilitation center
Ora Clinic works to treat and solve many muscle disorders and accidents, which are represented in  many forms. These disorders affect the proper movement of muscles and limbs, especially after any surgical intervention
In addition to that, physical therapy has become a wonderful alternative to surgeries at many times, as it treats the problem without the need to enter surgery, so it has become the most expansion and development of the past few years, and this is what we will talk about in the next point

Ora clinic physiotherapy and rehabilitation center

natural therapy
It is one of the medical sciences that specializes in treating problems and movement difficulties without the need for surgical interventions
Thus, we ora clinic have become famous for achieving the highest standards of success in Egypt and the Arab world, and let you know more about what we are treating. We in our center read the following lines

Ora clinic physiotherapy and rehabilitation center

Disturbances of balance and movement and muscle stiffness
Restoring the neuromuscular compatibility between the brain and muscles, especially the extremities
Post-operative rehabilitation to ensure that the muscles return to full normalcy before the injury

Natural treatment without surgical intervention, such as the following four points
Treatment of a herniated disc without the need for surgical intervention
Treating all sports injuries
Treatment of joint roughness
- Treatment of roughness of the cervical vertebrae
All this proved to be very successful, thank God, in our center

Advantages of treatment in our center

They are on duty 24 hours to answer all the patient's inquiries and questions
The presence of our injured patient under the supervision and medical care at the highest level inside and outside the center through continuous follow-up under the supervision of the best doctors and specialists
The team of doctors present in our center has more than 15 years of experience, learning and development from oneself and keeping pace with everything that is modern in treatment methods.

other Features and methods of physical therapy in our center

The specialist doctors begin the treatment stage with a few steps, the first of which begins

With a very accurate diagnosis and then developing a treatment system consisting of the largest part, which the patient practices with us inside the center in the sessions through the use of the latest therapeutic devices and electrical tools, manual therapy, chiropractic & chinees nedels, therapeutic massage
Of course, with them exercise exercises, as you will find we have everything you need, as the center is fully equipped to receive the patient

And another part that the patient practices to enhance and speed up treatment at home, choose full supervision and follow-up from us
Of course, in addition to all this, there is a distinctive and permanent sterilization system by Corona, and confirmation has been strengthened during this difficult period
All you have to do is contact us via the numbers at the bottom of the page
And you will find our representatives with you to answer all inquiries and pre-book to facilitate and organize the process of rapid entry of the patient with the specialist doctor


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