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Pain treatment clinics in Egypt

Pain treatment clinics in egypt

At a time when a person suffers from any disease or accident that certainly results in acute pain as a result of exposure to injury, or for example after performing any surgical intervention in a member of the body, or until it is felt during labor,

This is the temporary natural pain resulting from a signal from the brain that indicates the presence of immediate annoying stimulation and the presence of tissue injury next to the affected organ during the temporary period, and this is temporary natural pain, but chronic pain indicates the presence of a secondary change that occurs within the nervous system responsible for these similar signals Always ,

This may persist even after the sore tissues have recovered. In addition to the existence of physiological differences between the two types of pain, whether temporary due to injury or chronic, the chronic type has several fluctuations and physical changes that affect the psychological and social health of the patient.

This has greatly facilitated the doctors' ability to diagnose and treat chronic pain permanently or even greatly reduce pain, such as several diseases related to roughness between the vertebrae and joints, or rheumatic diseases that reached a number of more than 150 diseases

All this science has discovered to him a very effective treatment, both in the final elimination of pain in some cases and in other cases, the pain relief is very large, and this is what our center provides for treating chronic pain very effectively

Therefore, in the following lines, we will inform you about what distinguishes our center in treating pain and the rates of success in the center in addition to the services and diseases that the center treats. Be with us

best Pain Clinic in Egypt ORA CLINIC

Our medical team comes first

By evaluating and diagnosing the pathology in a very accurate manner and with a comprehensive and detailed examination
Developing the appropriate treatment plan with the patient and his disease status
Applying the latest and best interventional methods achieved for success to treat cases that suffer from chronic pain, whether the treatment is final or to relieve pain according to the case without surgical intervention, but with the latest methods in the world of medicine
Developing a nutrition plan that promotes bone health and relies on strengthening it and reducing all negative influences on it through a flexible and simple diet
Let us be clearer. We will tell you our goals. We are the Quora Center

Our goals

Eliminate, as much as possible, the use of difficult and cumbersome medications and procedures
Promote physical health and raise the rates of physical activity because there is sufficient capacity to carry out the daily tasks of the patient with ease without feeling pain
Reducing the intensity of pain and treating the disease very effectively without surgical intervention

Diseases treated by pain treatment clinic in Egypt ora clinic

Treatment of herniated disc with thermal frequency
Treatment of knee roughness with thermal or stem cell frequency or plasma injection
Lumbar nerve root injection
Treating cervical spine pain
Treatment of rheumatic diseases

Our other center services

Treatment of androgenetic alopecia in women and men

Physiotherapy and rehabilitation center

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