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Daily Habits and food for better immunity to children and adults

Habits and food that strengthen immunity for children and adults

The immune system is the bodyguard and primary defender - the source of safety and reassurance in the human body

And God Almighty created him to have a preventive action and protect the human body from diseases and viruses

Since we are currently living with the Corona era, we must be careful and take into account how to enhance the health of the immune system and keep it strong and cohesive more than ever before. Therefore, we will talk today about some positive habits that must be followed in addition to the most important nutrients for the immune system that support health and strength in it


Habits and foods that strengthen immunity for children and adults

I know very well that many of us believe that they do not have the health or sufficient time to exercise

Or it is believed that there is more important than that, using this time

But we must know that sport has a very effective role in many points that we will read to you, and then you have to choose

Promote the health of the immune system and make it stronger in fighting viruses and microbes and getting rid of them
Promote the health of the skin, increase blood flow and moisturize it, making it more radiant and youthful
Promote hair health and raise healthy growth rates due to hair ventilation and enhance blood flow to hair roots
Promote bone health, make it stronger and more cohesive, and reduce the risk of osteoporosis or joint pain
Promote heart and respiratory health and maintain them and their youth, no matter how old they are, and reduce the chances of stroke 

Sleeping at adequate rates at the correct times
As regulated sleep in a sufficient quantity gives the body activity again and the ability to work again with great activity and strength, and of course this enhances the health of the immune system, which is greatly affected by sleep and the number of hours as the best from 8 to 9 per day starting from 10 o'clock or maximum At 12 o'clock, where the body secretes during this period very important hormones that the body needs to renew the activity and vitality of the members of the human body

Stress - tension - sadness

The three elements are destructive to the health of the immune system and most of the body's organs

Therefore, we must, as much as possible, stay away from them and always try to extricate ourselves from the difficult circle of life by traveling, taking a walk, or even talking with loved ones, laughing and playing.


Habits and foods that strengthen immunity for children and adults

the Garlic

I know very well that it has a strong and strong smell that some people do not like

But the great benefits it contains make us eat a clove or two on an empty stomach daily

Where it reinforces

Digestive health and detoxification
Arterial health as it works to lower blood pressure and slow down the chances of hardening of the arteries, which often leads to a stroke
Promote the health of the immune system because it contains vitamin C, vitamin B6 and potassium
It has anti-cancer properties
Limits the accumulation of fats in the body
Protection against arthritis

Peppers in all colors
As pepper contains high amounts of all the vitamins in food, so we must keep eating it to enhance the health of the immune system


Turmeric contains curcumin, which has proven very effective in treating joint and bone pain

As many now use them instead of analgesics because they have an effective role in relieving them

Joint infections
Rheumatoid arthritis
Pain always associated with movement in adults
For more information, we have a section dedicated to therapeutic nutrition in our center, which you can see its advantages and what we do in it from here, Doctor of Clinical Nutrition


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