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Plasma injection for hair

Plasma injection of hair
These injections have become cosmetic and cure for many problems and strikes facing the scalp
More famous and widespread, and this is due to its achievement of huge success levels, which exceeded the 95%
Among the most prominent of these successes is its ultimate and effective treatment for hair loss and genetic baldness in both men and women.

Therefore, in our ora clinic, we do it, which did not deceive us at all. Rather, it was always a winning and effective bet to prevent baldness and hair loss and many other problems that may occur to him, treated by plasma injection, and here we will start by talking first about the causes of hair loss and genetic baldness

Causes of hair loss

Hereditary factor - this type is more often found in men.

Anemia and lack of vitamins in the human body, this happens for several reasons, most notably
Poor nutrition and wrong weight loss

The psychological factor - stress and tension have a very great effect, unfortunately, on hair loss and the emergence of baldness quickly.
Progress in age - as the age increases, the nutrients and collagen decrease in the hair scalp, so you, my beloved, have to inject plasma, as it is the first effective treatment for hair loss, so we will talk in the following lines about the advantages of the injection

Features and benefits of plasma injection for hair

This type of injection works to prevent hair loss, and not only
Rather, it promotes the health of the hair and the strength of the follicles and the scalp by stimulating the secretion of collagen, which has an optimal role in stimulating the growth of the follicles and the growth of new, more beautiful and strong hair.
Treating hair loss as it has a very effective role in distributing food in different areas of the body

Fill in the spaces that exist in the scalp, resulting from scars that negatively affect hair growth, so we will talk in the next point about who can do this type of injection
Who should do the injection
Who suffers from androgenetic alopecia
Who suffers from wasting hair and losing it
Who suffers from alopecia or some other skin diseases that negatively affect the hair

Some answers to common questions about hair plasma injection

The timing of the injection
The injection takes no more than 10-20 minutes

Where do you get the plasma?
Unfortunately, there are those in this area who carry out fraud, as they get plasma from anyone and inject it for you, and this is completely wrong and ineffective at all.
As the body rejects it and prevents it from entering the body and achieving any results

So in our center ora clinic

We depend directly and completely on the extraction of plasma from the substance of the person who will be injected to him so that the body accepts it and has a positive effect and guaranteed success.
How to obtain ora clinic plasma

The method is very simple
As we draw a blood sample from the person to be treated and then
The blood is placed in a device called a centrifuge, which separates the plasma from the rest of the blood components and thus the process of obtaining it

Then the yellow colored liquid comes out, which is plasma, which is the main source of platelets.
We add calcium to this liquid, which promotes cell growth and regeneration and strengthens them to keep them and prevent them from falling

Is there anesthesia?

It may sometimes enter into some cases in which we use local anesthetic to relieve the pain of acupuncture for those who fear them.

The number of plasma injection sessions for hair
Most cases require 3 to 4 sessions, separating each session from 7 days - to 14 sessions.

So all you have to do is to hurry up to contact us and pre-book our numbers at the bottom of the page to facilitate entry to the doctor without having to wait boring


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