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Cryo treatment

Cryo treatment

It is one of the tools of the physiotherapist, which he uses at times for specific reasons, which we will talk about now

The goals of Cryo treatment

Trom prevention
Treating cramps
Treating muscle cramps
Spinal pain treatment
Reducing the pain of chronic diseases
Osteoarthritis treatment


Cryo treatment

It is a type of treatment opposite to the method of heat treatment, especially in cases of muscle tension associated with pain, by using low temperatures, in the treatment and relieving pain

Using the device in the picture, which has spread a lot now in the world of sports, as this type of treatment is the most important point of recovery and getting rid of pain and bruises that afflict ball players

As after each match, it is compulsory to perform a recovery through this device and cold therapy in general to relieve spasms and muscle tension that affects the muscles

Advantages of physical therapy in our clinic ora

Firstly, the clinics are completely sterilized throughout the day to maintain the health of patients, and this is by Corona and the sterilization rate has definitely increased this period

We have a medical team at the highest level

We have a team specializing in sports medicine and doing the exercises we may need during our treatment sessions

We have the latest devices that have a very high impact on the patient's recovery

Therapeutic nutritionists are with us to develop a fortified diet to treat the affected part

The center has the best weight loss doctors if the excess weight has any negative effects or great pressure on the bones and muscles causing pain, so the first solution is to lose weight

So, all you have to do is contact us through


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