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Manipulation and rapid rehabilitation

Manipulation and rapid rehabilitation

Certainly, manual rehabilitation is an integral and very important part of the therapeutic system of a physiotherapist, in which he must be distinguished, as this is what has been explained most to them in the colleges and laboratories that he joined

Therefore, our clinic is very interested in this part of the treatment that has the role of my mind. The healing journey for the patient is defined scientifically as

It is intended to use a physical therapist to diagnose and treat some problems, such as moving joints, or soft tissue treatment

Manipulation and rapid rehabilitation

Rehabilitation and recovery after injuries or severe muscle fatigue requires manual intervention, as it has very important goals and features, which are

Get rid of pain faster

Work to relax muscles, treat cramps

Treating tension and nervous pressure that negatively affects the muscles

Decipher the body and get rid of excess gases between the vertebrae

Enhancing blood flow to the affected part, which gives it a boost and more and more activity

Release spasms and spinal pain

And many other goals we will talk about later

Advantages of Manipulation and rapid rehabilitation from our clinic ora

The medical staff or the specialist doctor first begins to make a very accurate examination and examination, and then develops a treatment regimen that aims to treat the condition quickly and easily without any side effects or any boredom in the treatment trip, as most of the time the physiotherapy sessions are boring for many, but We treat this problem with many methods of treatment and the different atmosphere of the sessions from each other

We have a medical staff specialized in clinical nutrition who puts a fortified diet for us to enhance the health of the affected part of the patient

We have the latest equipment in the field of physical therapy. If we need it during the treatment, it is the latest Chiropractic sessions that are very effective in treating many problems.

The clinics are fully sterile and licensed by the Ministry of Health and the FDA as an integrated treatment center

Therefore, all you have to do is contact us by visiting us at the nearest branch or calling for pre-reservation through our number


Mohandessin 54, the intersection of Al-Batal Ahmed Abdulaziz Street with the Arab League, above Qatar National Bank

Fifth Settlement 90 Mohamed Mahmoud St. hcc

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