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Physical therapy through Rehabilitation exercises

Rehabilitation exercises are one of the most important elements of the treatment plan determined by the treating physician, which is implemented in sessions during the treatment period, which aims for several successes, namely

Physical therapy through Rehabilitation exercises


Promote neuromuscular compatibility

Modify the movement of joints or bones

Restore balance again

Facilitate movement of the affected part of the patient

Return the ability to the affected part to work normally without any fatigue or pain in movement for it

Therefore, it is a very important part of physical therapy, in which our clinics are distinguished in a very large way, as we have a full medical team at the highest level that makes you movements and continuous follow-up with you, correcting brotherhood and facilitating and accelerating treatment within sessions

Physical therapy through Rehabilitation exercises

These therapeutic exercises are very thoughtful and carried out on an advanced scientific basis to facilitate and speed up treatment and restore the affected part to normal life again.

By repetition to restore the functions of the injured part to the natural joke

So be sure that in our clinic the improvement will be rapid and noticeable because we are an integrated center and we have a group of doctors who diagnose the tumor very accurately and put a comprehensive treatment regimen more than an outdated technique in a specific time such as modern devices - and therapeutic feeding - and therapeutic exercises and others from the treatment or Chiropractic

Therefore, while you are in Qurah clinics, be confident in God, and then in the medical team, that the treatment will be fast and with great results

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